The Horrible Bag of Terrible Things

Eleven-year-old Zenith Maelstrom didn’t mean to destroy his family’s kitchen with his science experiment, but now he’s grounded and stuck at home under the watchful eye of his protective older sister, Apogee. Anxious for any distraction, he eagerly investigates a strange noise on the front porch and discovers a mysterious patchwork bag delivered from places and persons unknown. He finds the bag’s battered exterior and jagged stitches repulsive. And irresistible. After dragging the bag inside, he promptly pricks his finger on its ornate clasp. His drop of blood brings the bag to life, and something terrible emerges…

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The Twisted Tower of Endless Torment

Zenith Maelstrom knows he’s forgetting something, but he can’t quite remember what. He wakes up to notes in his handwriting with messages like, “Prepare for battle!” But what battle? And his sister Apogee seems to grow angrier with him by the day. It’s not until he finds Apogee sneaking back into the horrible bag hidden away in their basement that all the dreadful details about GrahBhag resurface. The spiderlike Shlurps. The trio of foul mouths that hunger for blood. Eldritch horrors around every corner.

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About Rob!

Photo by Tracy Royce

Rob Renzetti is an artist, author, horror movie fan, and board game buff. From a young age, Rob was interested in cartoons, at first watching his mom copy characters from his coloring books and the comic pages in the Chicago Tribune, and then learning to draw them for himself. Before long, Rob decided he wanted to draw cartoons for a living.

And drawn them he has! And written scripts for the cartoon characters’ wild adventures. And selected music and sound effects for their films. There’s lots to do to make animated cartoons, and Rob has done almost all of it. But nothing is more fun for Rob than the writing. 

So, Rob decided to write books as well as cartoons. He’s written books that include some of his favorite characters like Scrooge McDuck and Mabel Pines. But he’s also written brand new books with all new, original, never-existed-before characters. And he has this spiffy website so that you can find out all about the fun stuff he’s done.

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