Oh Yeah! Cartoons

Produced by Fred Seibert and Nickelodeon Studios, Oh Yeah! Cartoons was a pilot program designed to provide creators with an opportunity to make animated shorts and test new show ideas. Over the course of two seasons, Rob created ten short cartoons for Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Five of those cartoons featured seven-year-old Mina Harper and her vampire best friend, Vlad, in Mina & the Count. The tenth and final one was the pilot for My Life as a Teenage Robot. The remaining four each showcased a different set of distinct characters from unique cartoon worlds.

Ask Edward follows the follies of sweet, gullible Emo and his older (but not wiser) brother Edward. When Emo asks Edward where babies come from, the absurd answer leads Emo to mistake a robin’s egg for their unhatched brother. A series of domestic disasters and further misunderstandings ensue. Ultimately, the boys get the true story of the birds and the bees from their father, though neither brother seems to comprehend what their dad was trying to tell them.

The F-Tales combines a classic fairy tale with paranormal crime investigation. Skeptic Fauna Fox and true-believer Chick Little investigate the apparently spontaneous collapse of a pig’s house. But even when the crime is solved and the real culprit is caught, Chick Little can’t let go of his pet theory that it’s all part of a conspiracy to cover up the truth about the sky falling.

A Cop and His Donut is a very peculiar cop buddy story with your typical wet-behind-the-ears rookie and your not-so-typical grizzled veteran. The old timer takes the form of a living, breathing donut. The new cop is not pleased to be paired up with this crusty old piece of pastry, but when he gets kidnapped, the donut, who’s a master of disguise, expertly infiltrates the gang and the new team takes down the crooks together.

Hubbykins vs Sweetiepie is a classic chase cartoon with an unusual pair of combatants. Instead of a cat and mouse or a coyote and roadrunner, the two adversaries are a husband and wife. Conflict arises when hardworking Sweetiepie catches messy Hubbykins trying to sneak out to go bowling when he promised to stay home and do his share of the housework. An epic and destructive chase around the house ensues, making their domicile ten times dirtier and more chaotic than it was before. Hubbykins relents and makes things up to Sweetiepie by staying up all night to clean, but their newly achieved domestic bliss is threatened when Sweetiepie discovers just what Hubbykins did with all that filth and clutter.

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