The Twisted Tower of Endless Torment

Visit the Tower starting in Summer 2024

Zenith Maelstrom knows he’s forgetting something, but he can’t quite remember what. He wakes up to notes in his handwriting with messages like, “Prepare for battle!” But what battle? And his sister Apogee seems to grow angrier with him by the day. It’s not until he finds Apogee sneaking back into the horrible bag hidden away in their basement that all the dreadful details about GrahBhag resurface. The spiderlike Shlurps. The trio of foul mouths that hunger for blood. Eldritch horrors around every corner.

Desperate to save Apogee from her ill-planned attempt to right the wrongs of their last trip into the bag, Zenith is forced to follow her into the bizarre world that has certainly not forgotten them. Between old foes set on vengeance like Raggedy Albert and terrifying new ones like the haunting Wraith, Zenith will have to put things right with his sister without falling into the clutches of those who would do him harm. For if he is caught, Eternity Tower awaits…

Rob drew inspiration for the traps waiting inside Eternity Tower from the amazing work of M.C. Escher, one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. Many of Escher’s images feature perplexing, impossible perspective applied to buildings and spaces that could never exist and yet seem as convincing as any photograph. He also created many “metamorphoses” which feature beings transforming slowly from one creature to another in a pleasingly complex pattern.

In addition to thousands of sketches, drawings, lithographs, woodcuts, and wood engravings, Escher also illustrated books and designed carpets, banknotes, stamps, and murals. Words can never capture the magnificence of M.C. Escher’s artwork. Best to experience it for yourself.

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